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Powers in brief: Electrical generation and manipulation.
- He constantly generates a low level electrical field: he's always surrounded by static, occasionally gives off sparks when he's under stress, and directly touching him will lead to a shock: always painful to someone with a normal human level of tolerance, sometimes dangerous, depending on how highly charged he is.
- He can store electricity within himself and discharge it at will, either by touch or as electric blasts, though his aim's poor.
- He can control electrical currents in anything he can touch, whether or not he generated it originally, or absorb them.
- If he's fully charged, his physical strength also doubles.

School life with Kanji! )

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Sep. 20th, 2014 09:22 am
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"Yo, Kanji here - I can't take your call right now so drop me a message, okay?"
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Dream Eaters:
As a rule, Kanji names his Spirits to a 'traditional colours' theme.

Pricklemane: Plum
Temperament: Bouncer

The first Spirit Kanji made. Easily amused. Has claimed Naoto's Komory Bat as its rival.

Meowjesty: Jet
Temperament: Magician

A King for an "Emperor?" Pretty chilled out, but can be a big kitten at times. Doesn't always play fair.

World Info:

Form: Earth pony. Dark purple coat, light yellow mane and tail. Cutie mark: a "skull and crossbones" composed of a ball of wool and crossed knitting needles.
Element: Loyalty (bottom)
Persona's form: Horselike with lightning bolt tail.
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Hello all!
This is a HMD post for Kanji here. If there's anything you'd like to call my attention to with my portrayal of this here chair-slinger, please feel free to drop me a line! Comments are screened for confidentiality, and anonymous comments are on.
Suggestions? Help? Plushies?
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Threadhopping with this character?
: Sure thing! But I'd appreciate some notice.
Fourth-walling this character?: Enh… prefer not, if the situation's serious.
Backtagging with this character?: Go for it, I'm in a screwy timezone so I NEED backtagging. Please feel free to poke if I drop a thread you wanted to continue.
Hugging this character?: He will be awkward and flaily as all hell but go for it.
Giving this character a kiss?: Same as above squared. He might react badly.
Something more intimate?: Not comfortable with playing out smutty stuff with a 15/16yo character, sorry, and I'm not a fan of "magic age-ups". If the situation ever comes up in the course of his CR, though, fade to black'll be on the cards if wanted? (Plotting and PSLs to establish a background at an older age is a possible, too, but I'm not really looking for such things. Assume no unless specifically discussed.)
Relationships?: Hooboy. Starting with platonic, all up for finding all kinds of friends and foes for this boy. CR me! Romantic... is a doozy. Willing to work with both m/f and m/m ships but he's got some serious hangups to work around first.
Punching this character (provided they can fight back): To paraphrase him? "Anyone with my face, I know they can take a punch." Sure.
Injury?: Sure! I am all FOR putting him through hell. But prefer to know what the plan is first?
Death?: Uh. Depends on the setting. But can be discussed... I love my creepy shenanigans.
Plotting?: I am all ABOUT plotting. Come on over to PMs or plurks and we'll talk~
Anything you shouldn't mention near this character?: ICly, he will go ballistic if he hears things that imply he's weird. But that's not to say don't do it… ;)
Anything you need to know about interacting with this character?: Alright, let's cut to the chase: as soon as Kanji's sexuality and preferences get pulled into the equation, he WILL react: it might be just wild and flaily, it might be violent, depending on how far he's pushed. Anything where he's considered 'weird' will get a similar reaction. While I see him as bi-leaning-gay, he mostly just goes for "dresses smartly and has a good personality", he's not certain of himself where attractions to guys are concerned, so… tread carefully if you're interested in shipping that way?
Anything else: Bring him animal crackers and he's your friend for life.

Xavier Institute Specific:

Kanji is an uncontrollable electrokinetic. This means that he gives off electric sparks under high emotional stress, and most importantly, will shock anyone who touches him without protection. Any skin contact, or contact through sheer/light fabric, will be enough to set this off. While he is self-aware enough to go around with insulating clothes most of the time, if he's caught off guard, there is the chance of a shock.

If you're interested in, or willing to play with the consequences of this, please let me know here! I will otherwise always make it clear when a character is at risk.
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Yo, guys: you've reached Kanji Tatsumi. Leave me a message.
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Kanji Tatsumi
Kanji Tatsumi render
Also known as...The Blood-curdling Beefcake Emperor
Japanese Name巽 完二
RomajiTatsumi Kanji
First AppearancePersona 4
Date of BirthJanuary 19th, 1996
Blood TypeA
Height183 cm (6'0")
Weight65 kg (143 lbs)
WeaponBlunt Objects
ArcanaThe Emperor
PersonaTake-Mikazuchi, Rokuten Maoh, Takeji Zaiten (P4G)

At first glance, Kanji looks like just another delinquent teen: a lanky but toned young man with bleached hair, too many piercings and a tattoo that he shouldn't have acquired at his age. And indeed, his history of skipping school and getting into fights do agree with that image...

However, it's not so simple. A lot of the fights he gets into are to try and protect or please those around him (such as beating up on bikers who were keeping his mother awake at night), or to attempt to prove himself. Not saying he doesn't enjoy the fights - he loves the challenge and the adrenalin rush - but still...

Since he was a little kid, growing up around his family's textile business, he's had an interest in knitting and sewing, things not considered the most manly of pursuits. Especially given that his father's last request to him was to be a 'real man', he's spent a lot of his life rather conflicted regarding who he is and who he should be, resulting in him growing into the tough personality seen today. He's gradually coming to terms with his true self, as time goes by and he develops connections to friends who understand him for who he is.

While he's learning to accept who he is, and that it doesn't mean he has to fight all the time, he's still a rather volatile and highly-charged personality, with rather a large berserk button over the issue of his sexuality. He's stated that his major issue isn't whether he's attracted to guys or girls, but whether he's likely to be rejected for it, but as ever with him it's complex. As a telltale example, he's developed a crush on Naoto Shirogane, a girl who previously masqueraded as a boy. As it hasn't gone away, with him falling for her personality and inner strength, this is not something that's helping him work out where he falls regarding his preferences...

In combat, Kanji himself's a brawler and grappler, preferring either his fists or to improvise with blunt objects: he's best known for swinging a folding chair around in battle... while late in his canon he starts using shields, he does not use them the right way, to say the least. However, Kanji's also a Persona user: able to call on a mythical guardian from his inner heart. His Persona, Take-Mikazuchi, takes the form of a large, somewhat robotic looking figure bearing a skeletal pattern and a lightning-bolt sword. Matching this, he's able to use electrical spells and devastating physical attacks.
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